Side Issues


Most of this website is coded in "Trebuchet MS" font. This font should look like the sample below - and will in Windows with Windows XP. If you are running an older Windows operating system you may need to download this font - you should have it anyway - it's used on many websites.

I'm assuming that Apple has all of this figured out, but if it doesn't look right in the MAC OS - you can download at this same link.

Sample of Trebuchet font :

Click on this text to link to a download site for the Trebuchet MS font.


This site was designed with a shareware software package called "Sitespinner" and for Internet Explorer. I have had issues with some website features using Firefox and Opera browsers with this site.

I don't know how the site looks or operates on the MAC - please tell me if you have any comments about MAC compatibility -


I'm learning website design. Anyone with suggestions or comments please feel free to email me. I have not included any copyrighted material with one possible exception on the home page. It is noted and I would appreciate any contact or link that would give me the ability to use that picture correctly.

If there are dead links, things that don't work on your computer or browser, don't assume it's you. It's probably me! Let me know.