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A fine black and white photo of us
for your mantlepiece or dartboard.
A fine color photo of us
for your mantlepiece or dartboard.
We're having a lot of fun. Recently, we needed a shot for publicity for an upcoming gig. We decided to "ham it up" and you see some of the result above. When you find this page - send us a note to let us know:
We're Trisha and Phil Knudsen and we have been performing in the local open mike and folk community for several years. Trisha is a poet that is able to communicate her worldview and observations of life, love and everyday events in a thoughtful and beautiful way. Phil has been playing guitar and singing for over 30 years. Several years ago they decided to join their talents and now combine harmony, poetry, original compositions and covers of familiar songs to provide an evening that lets you sit back, relax and forget the outside world for a while.

"...Trisha Knudsen has shared her beautiful poetry at many of our past Open Mikes and Phil Knudsen has brought his songs, his smooth sweet voice and guitar. These two are already a big part of The Red Door Coffeehouse. They just might be its heart." Tom Driscoll, host of the Red Door Coffeehouse in Framingham, MA.
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