Photo Gallery
You are a little curious, aren't you?
Photo from 1978
Actual film and paper!
From the "extreme" photography collection.
Nor'easter -
MAY 2005
White Beach, Manchester, MA
Westboro wildlife
management area -
That's exactly what it looked like!
OCT 2004
Please feel free to tell me if I'm nuts.
Thank you for your concern.
FEB 2004
A completely random local fisherman
I found in Rockport
MAR 18 2006
Really, feel free to tell me if I'm nuts.
Thanks again for your concern.
MAY 2002
Two views
White Beach
Manchester, MA
March 2006
Color Transparency
6x7 cm negative
 Digital Image
On RT 25 to Sante Fe, NM - AUG 2006
Hey, what can I say?
I was in Ansel Adams
A touching tribute to a friend who got a little overheated.
Silver halide and paper.
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Two views of
the Quabbin
Reservoir - MA
Photo Gallery