1977 at UCONN
Phil with "the other"
Daniel Jacobs
When Ellen Schmidt decided to give up her hosting duties, we were honored when she asked if we would be interested in hosting in her stead at TCAN.We are excited and
looking forward to this opportunity.
TCAN is a special place to us and to many others
in the local Folk Community.
Thank you Ellen for your help, support,
encouragement and friendship!
Ellen, along with Jake Kensinger, as part of "Two for the Show" - continues to host at the Continental Cafe Open Mike, the Emerson Umbrella Open Mike and the Side Door Coffeehouse Open Mike. Check her website for details: www.ellenschmidt.com
 We spent many weeks discussing whether we wanted to take on two nights at TCAN.  In the end, it made the most sense. We will be hosting on the 3rd and 4th Monday's of the month, starting in January 2007. We would welcome suggestions for features and hope to see Jon back once in a while! Check out Jon's website for more information on his shows and upcoming events - www.jonwaterman.com.
This picture and words came as a card for my recent birthday. I know it's overly cute but I just love the look on that dog's face. I can't find copyright info for the image - so as a disclaimer - it's from a Hallmark card. (Click the image for a larger view.)
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  • Look at the pictures to the left. One of these images is a cropped image directly from the digital camera file.
  • There are two very low color images (one is BW the other is low saturation) which looks best?
  • Which of the full color images looks best ?(hint, some color filters were also used.)
  • Image variations, including trade-offs in detail vs. richness vs. color rendition that go into choosing the exactly right image to present.